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Oct 9, 2012 4:00am PDT
is a $500-a5 trillion dollar tax cut >> in this tax cuts would include the 1% he promised this. but most of the economist who question numbers said governor on >> the good news is what the a's and will be planned next three games at home as they try and knock off the detroit tigers. first pitch is at 6: 07. the giants will try to keep their playoff lives in cincinnati as well as the cincinnati reds have a 2-0 series lead into game 3. first pitch today in cincinnati will be at 2: 37. it's san francisco this see a gain for the manager says that last canterbury zito will it the start. >> let's turn our to to the market's quick look at the stocks. stocks-to close floor on wall street. no big surprise. his look at the numbers. tracking down the stocks were worries over forecasted corporate earnings. and slow growth in asia. the dow and the nasdaq both down more than 20 points. a s m p was downed over just five points. the sea eagle of american airlines acknowledges that passengers have had a rough operation performance is improving the airline will get past this rough spot. this rough sp
Oct 10, 2012 4:00am PDT
states. that phrase refers to seven trillion thousand tax increases and spending cuts that could start to take effect in january unless congress acts in the meantime. toyota announced in a global recall due to a power when the problem. if the recall includes a variety of models to hide inefficiency, the matrix, the tundra, the corolla and even the camry and their rap four models. the recall will affect ground 2.5 million vehicles. the u.s.. >> meanwhile the government is suing walls are walhalla case of mortgage fraud. the lawsuit was filed yesterday >> of san mateo man suspected of attention to kidnap a student from park elementary school. he is charged with trespassing on school grounds that since on september 21st. he kidnapped girl she was able to get away. he was " in the growth in the schools back on. scheduled for one party has fantails superior court with his hearing. the girl was i3- in oakland meanwhile topping 94 the year and now the police department is ready to launch a crime fighting strategy called cease-fire. people in oakland will be called in to meet with flaw in forc
Oct 8, 2012 4:00am PDT
generating $16 million in tax revenue for the city each year. >> you tube is taking its content to europe. with more partnerships with content from the bbc, london-based and to the netherlands. choosing cheaper and quicker greeting cards. and a peaceful neighborhood gets a shocking discovery. the body of a president is found dead. details on that, coming up. it's pretty mild start for this week. all traffic moving decent. and at the san mateo bridge westbound. traffic is equal from the westbound and east bound directions. no problems, no delays just about 13 minutes. at the golden gate no construction to concern ourselves with. traffic is moving well out of marin county. on the traffic maps it is a pretty quiet morning. the east shore for we looking decent. as we turn our attention to interstate-80 in the westbound direction. this is probably one of the first areas to back up. not seen any yellow accurate and smooth sailing certainly cruising toward approaching the 580 interchange. >> 4:6:00 pm hercules -- 4:18 am this 2011 subaru out back was the victim's car. it is a mysterious murder n
Oct 12, 2012 4:00am PDT
looks like. >> biden--they're holding costa middle-class tax cuts is that we will continue them unless take a tax cut for the super of the. >> referring to romanies infamous 47% rain had this chap i think the vice president there will most that sometimes the words to come out of your mouth the right way. >> with all due respect that a bunch of malarkey. >> but that some analysts criticized his aggressive style. the interruptions the shouting at decline was comber and frankly more presidential. >> president obama said by laws terrific. voters favored brian. >> the exact numbers in that cnn poll showed that 48 percent think that congressman for paul ride 144% think that president-- vice president biden came out the wind.nner 0ñ@Ñ >> and we're back is for 2:00 pm a small fire in san jose is increasing concerns about a serial arsonist. officials do not know who extinguished the fire when they cut their it was moderate no one has been heard nothing severely damaged. the firefighters are wary that one of the small buyers will get people were evacuated and a police detonated the device. >>
Oct 11, 2012 4:00am PDT
fiscal clip that folks have in talking about. those are those tax increases and deep spending cuts that are on the table. if both size and reach an agreement as an the fiscal cliff will happen. >> san jose based ebay had encouraged her is just to browse to collect items they may want to buy later with something that is calling the feed. the feature is reminiscent sites like interes--choppers can edit their feet by adding or removing categories in individual items the company is also launching a smart phone and have a computer at colicky may now. >> hale made his way into the bay. yesterday. it will show you the pictures from south bay in just one minute 0ñ@Ñ >> hale! stormy weather is the information from stormy hill other areas in the south bay also reported seeing hale in the area. hale was the size of one half inch to invention diameter falling around for o'clock p.m. yesterday afternoon. >> and good morning james some scattered showers. gilroy was the place that the most lane about three- interest it '50s and places like san francisco san jose. 56 in concord. 56 in santa --wi
Oct 9, 2012 6:00am PDT
boo, you need to vote. he stood up on stage during the debate and promised that his tax cuts would include top one percent. but most of the economist who crunch the numbers show that governor romanies plan would blow up3 is outside aware of the president is waking up at. here we are at 6:37 a.m. he is scheduled to leave that 9:25 a.m.. we have three hours in between so he will have breakfast and then he will start to get on the move and then we can see traffic being affected. he is headed to all high heel to campaign there. mitt romney will be joining him in ohio. and remember there is the vice-president debate on thursday and the next presidential debate is for october the 16th. you can watch to both of them on comcast channel 193. >> apple is responding to a flair that is coming up on owners of the new iphone 5. apple states that the affair has been an issue for all owners of the iphone not just iphone 5. apple states that you should not point your phone in the areas of bright light. >> ithe electric cars may not be good for the environment. the factories that make electric cars
Oct 11, 2012 6:00am PDT
the interfere with setting up local for collecting taxes. and other prosecutors fought similar action. a survey from cal berkeley finds about 400,000 california coastal trees have died this year that is up 40,000 from last year. a wet spring in 2011 helped to spread of a sudden oak desk disease which kills the inner layer of the tree, cut off its supply. >> will take a quick break we come back out the pain at the pump is good news for amtrak that story straight ahead. we're following live pictures out of our beta colorado were police are searching bore a missing tenure who have more on this story. >> and were back 6: 26 amtracs is the high prices of gas are the reason why they sought a hike in passenger riders. amtrak says july was their best month ever. here in california to train set new records >> the shots for back pain the stair rods shots that were tainted ta second firm has temporarily agreed to shut down for inspection is run by the same executives who ran the massachusetts firms. slaughter governor rick scott get a phone sex hot line number to floridians seeking inform
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7